When innocent college student Emily Valdez desperately needs money to pay for her father’s medical care, she agrees to be the surrogate for Colton Collins, an enigmatic billionaire. But virginal Emily isn’t prepared for the passion that erupts between them, or Colton’s dark family secrets, as she is drawn into a world of fame, wealth, and danger.


With her mother gravely ill, college student Caliana Hart is desperate to pay for her treatment. With no other options, she sells her virginity to brooding and mysterious Xavier Evers. The kicker? He’s a werewolf.

Soon, Cali finds herself immersed in a world of warring wolf packs, supernatural creatures and sorcery. As she deals with threats real and magical, she and Xavier develop feelings for each other. Too bad she starts to fall for another Alpha who Xavier hates – his brother.


A one-night stand with a sexy stranger wasn’t exactly in Mina’s plans. Then again, neither was getting fired from her dream job and finding herself adrift in a foreign country. But meeting scruffy, blue-eyed Leo at the bar felt like cosmic consolation.

She never meant to see Leo again. But when Mina gets a new job as a chef at a local chalet, she discovers he is more than just Leo-from-the-bar. He’s Leopold Desmet, Duke of Brinovia. And the stubborn royal wants to taste everything on her menu.