The Sexiest Characters in Romance Fiction to Inspire Your Next Costume

It’s officially “spooky season” (and no, we will not be taking comments on how Halloween can’t possibly start in September) which means it’s time to start planning this year’s show-stopping costume. Now, if you’re like us, you want a costume that is sexy and relevant without:

  1. Breaking the bank
  2. Requiring hours spent bent over your mom’s antique sewing machine
  3. The risk of ending up in a sea of other people who had the same “unique” idea you did (let’s light a candle of remembrance for Daenerys-gate circa 2017).

Thankfully, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to ditch the sweats and sewing needle and unleash Hot Girl Fall ™ with a costume inspired by some of the sexiest characters in romance fiction that we found on the Radish app. Each of these costumes you can throw together with a quick trip to your closet or closest Halloween store.

1. The Billionaire’s Surrogate by Jami Gallardo

This costume concept can work great for a couple or solo and is especially great for our sexy ladies who are expecting! Emily Valdez is the surrogate to billionaire Colton Collins, and their “business” relationship takes a lot of unexpected (and spicy!) twists along the way. 

Emily is a young New Yorker, so you can style her in clothes that the average post-grad would wear (sweaters, jeans, a short skirt, etc.), or take it up a notch and grab a nurse costume to portray the “nursing student Emily”. If you’re expecting already, that’s all you need! If you aren’t, just grab a belly pad from the costume store, and you’re good to go!

If you have a masculine partner, consider having them dress up as Colton in a fancy suit for a sophisticated and mysterious couple’s costume that will have everyone asking for the story behind the clothes. 

2. Royal Alpha Shifters by LP Dover

Let out your true alpha female with this sexy shifter (werewolf) costume. Bailey is a shifter who has to choose between her chosen mate and the one she truly desires. She’s a rare white wolf and alpha female of her pack. 

In her human form, you can dress as Bailey with a platinum blonde wig and crystal blue contacts. Add accessories like moon-shaped earrings or a wolf-claw necklace for additional “hints” to the story behind the costume. For those of you with talent in the makeup department, you can also try a version of Bailey mid-shift, adding a wolf nose or bigger wolf eyes. 

3. The Dragon’s Baby by Violet Jessamine

The Dragon's Baby

There are so many fun possibilities for this costume. Briala is a maid to the Bane family, who appear at first to be your typical multi-million dollar legacy family. However, after a spicy night with resident bad-boy Callum, Bri discovers the family’s most guarded secret: they’re dragon shifters.

For Bri, you can grab a sexy maid costume and throw a belly pad underneath it (or use your real belly if you’re expecting!). To make it a couple’s costume, have your masculine partner throw on a pair of dragon wings for a costume that will have everyone talking. 

4). The Professor by Ami Speare

Layla is an exceptional college student who had a pretty un-exceptional sex life; until she met her senior psychology professor Dr. Kayden Hall. Then things get a lot more exciting and a lot more…complex. 

To capture the essence of Layla, try grabbing a schoolgirl costume but adding some not-so-school-appropriate accessories like a collar, crop, or handcuffs. 

5. Online Mating by Lucie Reagan

Thought that Catwoman costume from years ago was destined for Goodwill? Think again! Gita is a panther shifter with a sexy and complex romantic life, so either dig that catsuit out of the closet or run to the costume store for the blackest, tightest full-body suit you can find. Gita has a love of luxury, so make sure to dress her up with some luxe accessories to turn up the sophistication (and the heat!). 

6. My Pirate Prince by Edy Turner

Who can resist a noble lady turned pirate princess? We certainly can’t, which is why it’s time to grab a corset and some trousers and take on the adventures of Eloise Covington, the daughter of a lord who is forced to disguise herself as a boy and join a pirate crew to save her family from financial ruin. 

The best way to create the perfect Eloise costume is to blend pieces from both men’s and women’s pirate costumes to create your own unique take on how Eloise would dress to blend in with the crew but subtly seduce the dashing Captain Hawk. 


Hopefully, we’ve given you some inspiration to level up your costume game this year and create a sexy new costume with an even sexier backstory to match. For more stories of beguiling ladies and their exciting, steamy adventures, check out the Radish app, which features thousands of romance stories in bite-sized episodes that you can enjoy anywhere, at any time. 


by Evelyn Trainor-Fogleman