Sex and Suspense: Top Dark Romantic Thrillers that Scare and Satisfy

Are you ready to shiver with antici……..pation? We’ve rounded up four of the darkest, sexiest, and most dangerous romance stories in the Radish app just in time for the winter season. 

These stories are sure to send shivers down your spine as our heroines cross paths with mafia bosses, serial killers, and billionaires with eccentric tastes. So come on, take a walk on the darker side with these tantalizing titles. 

Dream Lover by Gemma James

Themes: Contemporary, Suspense, Serial Killer

Heat Level: 3/5 Chilis

Dream Lover is both sexy and scary, with nonstop twists and turns that will have you fanning yourself and gripping the edge of your chair. Mackenzie’s dreams have for years been filled with terrifying nightmares that go hand-in-hand with the image of a sultry and seductive figure who visits her in the night. Unfortunately, she has no idea those dreams are about to become real or how dangerous they can become. 

This story is filled with suspense, intrigue, and a lot of heat. It’s thrilling in all the best ways as Mackenzie’s “dream man” suddenly shows up, in the flesh, at the same time as the local murders start. This is a story full of big appetites, and not all of them are good. You’ll tear through chapters trying to figure out which way Mackenzie and her mysterious man decide to turn next. 

Assassin’s Series by Ella Sheridan

Themes: Bad Boy, Mafia, Enemies-to-Lovers

Heat Level: 4/5 Chilis

This series has four volumes, and it heats up quickly. Abby is the daughter of a powerful politician and is poised for a power-broker marriage to help shore up her family’s status among the Virginia elite. But Abby has an appetite for something a bit more dangerous, in the form of Levi Agozi. 

This story doesn’t keep you waiting before it turns up the heat. By chapter 3 of the first volume, titled Assassin’s Mark, Levi and Abby give into what can only be described as a purely carnal desire for each other. 

This series will have you on the edge of your seat in every chapter if you like intense power struggles and lots of steamy, sensual encounters. 

The Manarch Clan: A Dark Mafia Romance by Suleidy Merced

Themes: BDSM, Billionaire, Mafia

Heat Level: 5/5 Chilis

This story is not for the faint of heart. From the first few lines, we are immersed in the sensual and dangerous dilemma that Ava has found herself in. In an attempt to settle her family’s debt, Ava has handed her body over to Viktor Manarch, the infamous Manarch Clan crime family leader. Viktor now controls her, and Ava is torn between her lust for Viktor’s touch and her desire to escape his total control. 

Ava’s attempts to break out of her gilded cage are thrilling, and the sexual chemistry between her and Viktor is intoxicating. This is not a read for your daily commute unless you like showing up to work freshly flushed. However, once you pick it up, this is a hard one to put down. 

Indebted by Beck and Hallman

Themes: Bad Boy, Billionaire, Mafia, Kidnapping

Heat Level: 5/5

If you like The Manarch Clan, you’ll love Indebted. It follows a similar theme, where Amara is kidnapped by Enzo King, a dangerous and powerful mafia boss, to settle her father’s debts. Our story revolves around Amara’s hatred for Enzo, even as she comes to enjoy his physical touch and his twisted passion for her. The battle of wills is intense and will have you frantically tearing through chapters to see who ends up on top. 

If you’ve got an appetite for danger and suspense, these stories are sure to satisfy. For more sexy and thrilling stories, check out the Radish app, which features thousands of romance stories in bite-sized episodes that you can enjoy anywhere, at any time.



by Evelyn Trainor-Fogleman