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'Tis the Season

This isn’t a cookie-cutter Christmas… I know wanting to sleep with the infuriating, sexy owner of my rental cabin is a horrible idea, but my body doesn’t seem to be getting the message. And now we’re stuck together in the cabin in a raging snowstorm. Alone. 

#EnemiesToLovers #ForcedProximity 

A Playboy, A Virgin & A Baby

Conor O’Gallagher. Thirty-two, six-foot, and all muscle. Flashes of dimples behind his black beard, quick winks for the lady patrons, and a tattoo sleeve that leaves the ladies begging to be his nightly conquest.

But what happens when one of his one night stands comes back into his life five months later, and pregnant no less?

What happens when one night gives you more than you bargained for?

Conor’s about to find out…

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I'll make her mine... Even if it's the last thing I do.

HAWK (Ruthless Underworld)

His heart belonged to the Ruthless Kings...until her. If they want to be together, they must navigate a sea of betrayal, club politics, violence, and even death.

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What once united threatens to destroy.

Hiding Places

A nanny and her brooding, billionaire boss... Who are they without their former roles? A man. A woman. And a love that forges a new path for them.

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Writing Mr. Wrong

He's an arrogant millionaire. She's a no B.S. reporter determined to get the real story of his potentially shady practices. The pair of them are so wrong...that it may just be right.

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A Playboy, A Virgin & A Baby

What happens when a one night stand comes back into Conor's life five months later, and pregnant no less?

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All I Want For Christmas Is Him

Alice's perfect holiday is in shambles. Or that’s what she thought until she met Casey—the infuriating, sexy owner of the rental cabin she’s staying at. And the two are stuck together in a raging snowstorm. Alone.

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