Lee Swift led a dual life for several years. During the day, he worked at a Fortune 500 company. At night and on weekends, he pursued his true passion… writing. In the beginning, Lee collaborated with his sister and writing partner, Angelique Torres. Lee and Angelique were selected by Matt Damon and Ben Affleck in the original “Project Greenlight” series on HBO for their screenplay “Danny Boy.”

As they moved up in the competition, Angelique became ill and they had to drop out of the show. Prior to “Project Greenlight,” they had two plays produced, including “In the Company of Strangers,” which was performed for the Regional Kennedy Center American College Theater Festival. They also wrote the short film, “A Single Wish,’ Directed by Lee that was screened at OutTakes Dallas Film Festival.

When Lee lost his sister to cancer in 2003, he stopped writing for a few years. The dream never left him, and little by little, after encouragement from his mother Lana, Lee began working again, though this time on novels. 

Lee wrote under three pen names and has 60 titles in the erotic romance genre, the gay fiction genre, and the thriller genre. 

In 2020, Lee was cast for Netflix’s The Circle season 2, where he made it to the finale. Off the success of that show, Lee garnered many new fans and followers on social media which has led him into the status as an influencer.

Lee has teamed up with Lana Lynn, his mother. This writing duo has written several books together. Their thriller series “Morvicti Blood” is in the process of being developed for television. Lee is a member of the Honorary Society of International Thriller Writers.

Today, Lee continues to work on his writing career and will be publishing 10 of his bestselling stories on the Radish Fiction app starting November 10th.