Her Dad’s Best Friend by Alyse Zaftig

Chapter 1



My eyes are glazing over as I sort through the never-ending ton of emails that are coming for my boss. Anybody who knows his actual email address emails him directly, but I handle his publicly available email address. About 90% of the emails are crazy, but I pass on maybe 10%. It works for him. It’s a part-time job for me.

I come to work after class each day, dressed in business professional and wading through a torrent of emails. I want to quit though, because I can’t stop fantasizing about my boss, Lincoln.

He has dark hair with a handful of silver streaks running through it, but his hair only enhances how gorgeous he is. He’s my dad’s best friend, so he’s always been around.

And I’ve always had a crush on him.

Today, the amazing gray suit that he’s wearing fits him perfectly, like all of his suits. They’re tailored specifically for him. He can’t buy off the rack, with his linebacker shoulders and slender waist. He looks like a model and did a little modeling in college for spare money, before he founded his own software company. He and my dad love to go out on the weekend, go into the mountains, and totally unplug. I’ve been along a few times, but it’s hard to sleep in a tent only a few feet away from him and my dad.

It’s crazy that someone afraid that she’ll show her feelings actually is working for her crush, but that’s how it happened. I needed a summer job. His secretary, Amanda, was on maternity leave. My dad thought it was a perfect fit.

So now I’m stuck in an unending hell, fantasizing about a man I can never have.

* * *

“Come into my office.” Lincoln is so tall that I have to tilt back my head to look up at him.

“Coming, sir.” I straighten my skirt, smoothing it down my thighs. It rode up while I was sitting, almost exposing a little too much.

When I step into his office, he tells me, “Close the door.”

I turn to close it. Then I feel his big body behind me, his heat searing my skin even through our clothes. His cock is pressing into my lower back.

“I’m tired of you teasing me,” he whispers softly. “So you’re going to get what you’ve been asking for.”

We both hear the soft sound of my zipper going down, down, down, just a millimeter at a time. My heart is pounding like a drum. My body is crushed between the wood door and his hard body. I can feel his erection pulse once behind me.

Stepping back, he pushes my skirt off of my hips.

“Step out of it,” he commands.

I step out of it. I’m still wearing my blouse, a bra, a black lace thong, and heels.

He snaps the waistband of my thong.

“Take this off.”

All of this is so inappropriate. “I don’t think…”

“Don’t think. Do as you’re told.” His hand spanks my right cheek. “Now.”

With shaking hands, I pull off my thong. Now my top half is covered, but my bottom half is bare.

I can hear a thud as something hits the ground. His hands are pulling my ass cheeks apart. Then I feel a tongue between my legs.

“Oh my god,” I gasp.

“Be quiet,” he says. “Don’t make a sound.”

I can feel his tongue enter me again. My lower body is melting. I don’t know if I can be quiet.

His hand is now touching my clit, rubbing it over and over as his tongue is still inside of my folds. My legs are shaking and no longer able to hold me up.

“Link,” I whisper.

He slaps my ass again, but he hits harder this time. “I told you to be quiet. I guess I need to gag you.”

I hear some soft sounds before he’s shoving his tie into my mouth.

“Mmph!” I protest.

He bites my ear. “I can take it out. I can take it out right now. You can take your skirt and go right back to your desk. Or I can make you come. Make another sound, and I’ll send you away, wet or not.”

I’m quiet.

“That’s what I thought.”


Chapter 2




Her beautiful brown eyes go up to meet mine. Her face flushes a little.

“Yes, sir. What can I do for you?”

“It’s time to go home.” I point at the clock. “Everyone left a half hour ago. It’s just you and me. You should get home, or I’ll have to have a talk with your dad about appropriate work-life balance.”

“Right away.” Her face is still flushed.

I watch as she bends over to get her backpack. She’s a good girl. I know that she comes here straight from the summer classes she’s taking at a local community college. My buddy wants to teach her about responsibility and the value of a dollar, so even though he’s perfectly capable of providing for her, he makes her work during the summer to pad her resume.

It’s been sheer hell. She always wears these tight skirts that emphasize the curve of her hips, especially when she’s bent over like she is now. I’ve spent this summer adjusting my erection because it’s so inappropriate for me to feel this way about my temporary secretary. When my normal secretary, Amanda, told me that she was knocked up and taking advantage of the standard three months of maternity leave, I was panicking. But my buddy Jack said to give his little girl a job, and here we are. I’m staring at her red skirt pulling tight against her ass while she throws things into her bag. There aren’t any visible panty lines, which means that she’s wearing a thong or going bare.

The thought of Camilla going bare makes me harder than ever. If I don’t stop staring at her curvy ass, I’m going to drip some pre-come.

Then she’s standing up and sliding her backpack on her shoulders. “I’m going home. I’ll see you tomorrow.”

“See you tomorrow.”

I watch as she walks to the elevators. Her curly hair bounces with every step. There’s something so cheerful about her. Her dad calls her Sunshine, and it’s a nickname that I use occasionally, too. She’s sweet, happy, and light and always has been.

I look down at my pants. I’ve tucked my erection in my waistband, but it’s throbbing angrily. It knows what it wants, even though it’ll never get it. Her dad would blow my balls off with his shotgun, and that’d only be the first step.

“Down, boy.”

But my erection persists, and I have to resort to something that has happened with increasing frequency this summer.

I go to the private bathroom connected to my office, unzip my pants, pull out my dick, and close my eyes.

* * *

Camilla is kneeling in front of me, her big brown eyes wide. Her full lips are pouting, ready for my cock, but I’m not ready to give it to her.

Not until she begs.

“Please, sir.”

I close my eyes, her sweet voice so seductive that it’s hard not to give it to her.

“Convince me that you want it.”

“I need it,” she murmurs, her eyes heating up. “I need to suck your cock.”

I rub the tip against her cheek. She turns her head, trying to take it into her mouth, but I pull away before she can.

“How much do you need it?”

“More than anything in the world.” She licks her lips. “I need it more than anything ever.”

My hand caresses her jaw, and then I’m forcing her mouth open as I shove the entire length inside. She gasps and gags a little as I enter her throat. Her hands are bound behind her back with handcuffs, so she has no control in this situation. There are tears in her eyes from the suddenness of my entry.

My hands slide into her hair. She’s obediently sucking me into her mouth. I watch each time as I thrust and retreat, thrust and retreat. My balls draw up and I feel the tingle in my spine that means that I’m ready to shoot.

One of my hands slides to the back of her neck, holding her right where I want her as I grunt and unload my seed into her wet, warm mouth.

“Swallow,” I tell her. “Take it all.”

I watch her throat work as she tries to swallow all of it, but it’s too much for her. A little white come is coming out of the corner of her mouth.

* * *

I open my eyes, panting a little from the force of my orgasm. I clean up and flush everything down the toilet.

She makes me hard several times a day. If I ignore it, my blue balls make it clear that I need to unload in her. I’ve barely been able to control myself, and only the thought of castration and betraying my friend Jack stop me from acting on my fantasies. But I know that it would ruin everything.

One more week, and I’ll have my normal secretary Amanda back. One more week, and temptation will go back to school full-time. I’m about to go insane.

This week can’t end soon enough.

Chapter 3



The next afternoon, I’m coming in from a lunch meeting when I see her. She has big headphones on. They’re connected to her phone while she sorts through all the email that has accumulated in the last day.


She flushes the same way as she pushes her headphones off so that they’re around her neck.

“How can I help you, sir?”

“I need you to get me a double shot of espresso from the café next door as soon as possible.” I need the caffeine. I’d like to be drinking some whiskey, but it’s a little early in the day for that. Plus alcohol lowering my inhibitions is a terrible idea when all I want to do is bend my best friend’s daughter over my desk and fuck her until she’s screaming my name so that the whole office can hear her and know that she’s mine.

Bad idea.

“Sure, sir.”

“And you can grab something for yourself. Put it on the company account.”

“Right away.” She stands up, tugging her skirt down. Her breasts jiggle just a little bit. God, everything she does entrances me. She makes me think like a horny teenager. I’m surprised that there isn’t drool dripping off my chin.

She has it all: beauty, brains, efficiency, and a sense of humor. If she were two decades older, we’d be married already.

She walks towards the elevator. I’m admiring her smooth, sexy walk before I shake my head and turn around. I’m about to head into my office when I see the email that’s on her screen.

The subject line says “Today’s Lincoln Fantasy”.

I know that I’m snooping into a private file, but come on. My name is there. Surely that gives me a free pass.

I look around the office. Nobody is paying attention. The sales team that is normally on this floor is out at some corporate retreat, setting sales goals for the next quarter. The people who are here aren’t looking at me.

I sit down at her desk and read the rest of it.

* * *

Oh my god, Kelly, I can’t stop thinking about him. I want his perfect mouth on mine. I want him to pin me against the wall and hold me in place until I beg him to stop because I can’t take any more. And then I want him to keep going anyway.

I can’t handle working here anymore, Kels. It’s going to be hell this week. It’s only Tuesday, so I have three more days to go.

I’m so wet that I think that I’ve soaked through my panties and onto my skirt. Just smelling his scent makes me wet. He doesn’t even have to be here.

I can never tell him that I want him to shove me face-down on his desk, tie my hands with his tie, and fuck me until my mind explodes into a thousand pieces. He’ll tell my dad that I was inappropriate at work, and then I’ll get yelled at. I don’t want to be cut off.

* * *

My eyebrows are raised. She was afraid of me telling her dad how she felt? Not a chance in hell, not if I wanted to keep my balls. He’d show up at my office with a shotgun in a heartbeat.

She felt the same way. My mind ran through the possibilities.

She shouldn’t worry about being cut off. I can provide for her as easily as her father can. Better, even, since I’d never make her work just for the sake of working.

Maybe I should plan a surprise for when she comes back with my coffee.



The coffee is almost too hot to handle. I know that the cup’s material is supposed to insulate it, but it’s almost hot enough to scorch my hand. I was in such a hurry to get back that I forgot to get coffee collars. I don’t want to go back and get some. I hope Lincoln doesn’t yell at me for forgetting.

No, that’s dumb. He doesn’t yell at me for stupid stuff. He’s demanding and expects perfection, but he’d never yell at me for forgetting a coffee collar for his cup. He’s pretty fair.

He comes down like the wrath of God when he’s provoked, though. One of the financial analysts forgot to send him a sales report before a meeting once, and I listened when he ripped the analyst a new one.

I’d been so turned on that after I listened to the fury in his voice, I’d gone to the bathroom and taken care of myself. He never let people forget who was in charge.

I am quickly forgetting how hot the coffee I’m holding is. I hit the elevator button for the top floor with my elbow. Three more days of working as his assistant, and then all of this will be over.

It’ll be a relief, but I’m also afraid that I’ll regret not making a move on him when I had the chance. He probably sees me as nothing more than a little girl, but I’ve had a crush on him forever. My dad snores, but he doesn’t. I know, since I’ve slept so close to him in the mountains time and time again.

My hands tighten a little on the coffee cups, but then the heat makes me loosen my grip.

Three more days.

When I get back to our corner of the office, I see that his door is open. I walk into his office and see him staring at his computer screen.

“I brought your coffee, sir.” I never called him sir before I came to work for him, but it seems respectful. Polite. It creates a good employee-boss relationship.

“Camilla, stay in here for a moment, please.” It’s not a question. I put both coffee cups down on his desk.

“The grande one is for you.” I only have a decaf tall latte, because it’s afternoon and I’ll be up until midnight if I drink caffeinated anything right now.

“Could you close the door?”

My heart jumps at a request so close to yesterday’s fantasy, but I’m being dumb. He’s just asking me to close a door, not to get naked and sweaty with him. I curse my brain for giving me a full-color visual of what that would be like, my soft body beneath his hard one. We’ve gone swimming in lakes. I know that he has tight, hard muscles and washboard abs. He definitely doesn’t look like your average pencil pusher.

“Sure thing.”

I stand up and close the door. I hear the small thud.

“And lock it.”

My heart starts beating so fast and hard that I can hear it in my ears.

“Lock it?” I turn to him with a little panic in my eyes. I have no idea what’s going on.

“Lock it,” he repeats. I know that he’s waiting for me to do it. With an audible gulp, I turn the lock.