6 Erotic Novels If 50 Shades of Grey Isn’t Enough

“Sugar and Spice” has often been used to describe the perfect romantic story; lots of heart and warmth and kisses and love mixed up with just enough s-e-x that’s hot enough to warm a cabin in Siberia – in the winter. Sometimes you’re just looking for sugar; you want a nice, sappy love story. Hello, Hallmark. And sometimes, you want spice. Extra spice. Extra spice with a side of 15 of those chili emojis. This is where we can help.

All of the below erotic romance suggestions can be found on Radish. Since you’re on Radish’s site, you may already know about us (skip next two sentences if so), but if not:  we’re a reading app filled with all different types of romance stories. You can download the app from the iOS or Google Play store if you don’t already have it to start reading the below!

 1. Society X by LP Dover

No names. No exchanging of numbers. Everyone must remain anonymous. Those are the requirements of The Dark Room, where pleasure is the order of business for the wealthy. Parker and Mia use the Dark Room as an escape from reality – and an excuse to find out who they really are. The problems occur when that very, very, very, very (very) explicit sex results in a connection that might force them to break the rules of The Dark Room. 

Or, alternative logline: Makes 50 Shades of Grey look like an installment of The Boxcar Children.

Here’s a passage: 

Jared grins and leaves me to undress. I know the drill. Taking off my clothes, I take a deep breath before finding my place in the dark room. The necklace feels foreign around my neck, especially since I know it has to have cost thousands of dollars. I’ve never owned a piece of jewelry that cost even near that amount.

Instead of lying across the bed, I sit at the edge. My whole body is tense when the door to the other side of the room opens and he steps across the floor. They aren’t slow and deliberate footsteps like before; they’re fast and determined. The next thing I know, his hands are in my hair and he’s shoving me back on the bed. His lips are hard against mine, like a ravenous animal. It’s just what I need. How did he know?

2. Kidnapped by the Alpha Billionaire by Olga Gueverra

This is a story for those that love the truly twisted. Leila’s a werewolf who is forced into an arranged marriage. She has zero point zero interest in getting hitched to the guy, so she runs away….only to be kidnapped by a billionaire werewolf. The twist? HE’S actually her mate. Psychological games, INTENSE sex, possible Stockholm Syndrome? There’s a lot going on in this story, which is gloriously addictive and luckily digital because if not it’d burn your fingers.

 Here’s a passage:

 I was walking too fast, not paying attention to my surroundings, until I crashed with something hard. I was about to fall to the ground but someone steadied me by the waist and set me straight. My wolf was yelling to be set free and electricity was running all over my body.

I looked up into a beautiful set of eyes. The guy who had straightened me was still holding my waist and looking directly into my eyes. He was breathtaking. In my eighteen years, I had seen plenty of handsome guys, but the one in front of me was by far the best.

He had black hair, which was all over the place stylishly. His eyes were deep blue, with green specs. His skin was lightly tanned and I could feel his muscular body pressed against mine. 

My wolf called to him. After ignoring her- while I admired the gorgeous guy holding me- I understood what she was telling me.


3. Swallow Me Whole by Gemma James

Twenty something Sadie is horny and wants some private tutoring in sex education, so she asks Ashton for help. Ashton knows he shouldn’t – Sadie is his sister’s best friend. But Ashton lets the brain below his waist take over and soon teacher and student begin an x-rated affair where Sadie is passing all her lessons with flying colors. They agree that no feelings will develop but we know how that goes, don’t we?

Here’s a passage: 

“Sadie,” he says in a strangled tone, and I think I hear him groan as he sinks his fingers into my hair, holding me still. Holding me back. “You’re drunk, and I don’t mess with drunk chicks.”

“I’m not a chick.” I fight his grasp, and he loosens his fingers without much effort on my part. Because he wants me too. His ragged breathing is evidence enough. He combs my hair back as I tilt forward, and I flash back to what I witnessed earlier through the ajar door of my boyfriend’s—ex-boyfriend’s—office…..

Sleeping with him would be mind-blowing. Life-changing. And I want that more than I thought I would. I’ve never gone there before, and suddenly, I want him to be my first more than anything—this sexy man who grew from the boy I remember from childhood.”

4. Hot For My CEO Boss by MavelineBelle

Evan Hollen took his father’s company and built an empire. All the while, he purposefully kept women at a distance – emotionally that is. Physically, he played the field so much that his little black book became bigger than the King James Bible. His assistant Jasmine sees through his shields – and BS – and soon a romance between them begins. They find that the one that knows you best – and loves you most – allows you to be free (translation: free to have wild, hot, mind-blowing sex with, written about in explicit detail).

Here’s a passage:

“Mr. Hollen, with all due respect, I don’t know why you’re acting like this towards me all of a sudden. I don’t know what you want from me. I’m really lost here. We woke up in the same bed once, and you made it clear that you wanted NOTHING to do with me. 

Then today, you shoved your tongue down my throat and gave a ring to another woman.

Now you’ve cornered me in the elevator and asked me if I got feelings for you.

Why don’t you ask yourself if you’re the one having feelings towards me because you’re the one acting crazy, NOT ME!”

His mouth covered mine as he claimed my lips again but with more passion this time. He used his tongue and parted my bottom lip and wrapped his tongue around mine.

Electricity sparked over my body like moving lightning. I froze up again but I couldn’t resist his kiss. His minty fresh breath awoke all the cells in my body and made the blood rush to my rapid heart. My bag slipped off my shoulder as I raked my fingers into his hair, giving in to his sweetness. We both let out a soft moan together as he scooped me up and pinned me against the metal. My legs wrapped around his waist at its own accord and I threw my head back as he trailed his lips to my neck.

At that point, all I was thinking about was having him inside of me.

5. Theirs For The Night by Katee Robert

A MMF erotic triangle-slash-polyamory situation is something we are seeing more of in erotic fiction, but it’s still uncommon enough to feel excitingly new and thus a little forbidden. Theo is an exiled crown prince, and Galen is his bodyguard. Both are charming, hedonistic and look like they were designed by a computer program to create the perfect man. They’ve been involved with each other for years; more than friends, less than dating sort of thing. When Meg Sanders meets the two, she’s unsure of what their deal is, but when they invite her for a night of crazy sex, she’s all in. That’s where the fun – and complications – begin. 

Here’s a passage:

Meg froze, her breath a trapped thing in her throat. Even across the distance, those blue eyes pinned her in place and stoked a heat inside her that had no business existing. His face was all angles that should have been too sharp for beauty, but was painfully attractive all the same. Dark hair cut tight against the side of his head and left slightly longer on top, begging for someone’s fingers to sift through it. He wore jeans and a T-shirt that should have downplayed his presence, but she couldn’t shake the feeling that this was a man who was at home in expensive suits as he was in the clothing he currently wore. 


He leaned down, giving her plenty of time to react, and spoke in her ear. “Dance with us?” Wait a minute—us? 

She angled back enough to look at both of them, at this smiling stranger and his much more serious partner. The vibes coming off the two were so totally strange, Meg didn’t know what to do with them, but she found herself nodding as if it was every day that two gorgeous

6. Her Dad’s Best Friend by Alyse Zaftig

This is actually an anthology of stories involving forbidden affairs between women and their father’s best friend (which is sort of a cousin to having daddy issues, maybe? Sorta?). The first story tells you the tonality to expect: Camilla, like many entering the workforce, gets a job through a connection and is now the secretary to her dad’s BFF, mega-powerful exec Lincoln. Lincoln wants Camilla badly. Camilla wants Lincoln even worse. They embark on an affair they know is forbidden….which puts them in the mindset of “well, if we’re doing something we shouldn’t, let’s be extra kinky about it.” And remember, that’s just one story!

Here’s a passage: 

Camilla. Look at me.” I stare at the ground and try not to let the tears fall. Then his hand is on my chin and he’s forcing me to look up at him. I can’t stop the tears from falling anymore.

“Camilla, baby.” He holds me close and rests his chin on the top of my head. “Your first time belongs to someone you love, not your dirty boss. Not your dad’s best friend, who, by the way, will slaughter me if he ever hears that I touched his baby daughter.”

I stiffen in his arms and pull away. “I’m not a little girl anymore.” He puts a finger in his mouth, keeping eye contact with me. He sucks it then pulls it out with a pop.

“I know.” He sighs. “But I can’t do this.”

Tears of rage and frustration are running down my cheeks now.

“Well, it’s moot,” I say, not bothering to wipe them away. “Because it’s my last day of work anyway.”


Those are just six suggestions out of a whole library full of high heat stories that Radish has, filled with all sorts of flavors (sexually speaking). If you want to peruse that full list of erotic romances, just click here. 


by Jesse Murray