10 Romance Novels That Should Be On Every Woman’s Reading List

Whether you are well-versed in the language of Harlequin or were just introduced via the first season of Bridgerton, it is hard to understate the popularity of romance novels. Yet, given the sheer volume of work produced, it can be difficult to know where to start. 

No worries. This is why we are here–to give you a list of the 10 Romance Novels that should be on every woman’s reading list.

Let’s go!

1. The Billionaire’s Surrogate by Jami Gallardo

Being 24, unmarried, pregnant and a graduate student sounds like a nightmare to most young women. But this is no ordinary circumstance and Emily Valdez is no ordinary girl. 

In actuality, she’s a surrogate for billionaire Colton Collins. As it turns out, spending ten months carrying a stranger’s baby is an easy trade-off to earn enough money to save her father’s life. But when Emily realizes that the best way to get pregnant is to lose her virginity to Colton, the lines separating their contract become blurred. And Emily’s not sure how to feel about it all. 

Themes: Pregnancy, Rags to Riches

2. Once Upon a One Night Mistake by Simone Shirazi

Have you ever considered what would happen if Cinderella hated Prince Charming? Several years and a handful of scandals were enough to make Taliana Avilla forget all about her childhood nemesis, Sebastian Phillips. A one-night stand and a lost diamond ring made her remember all over again.

Of all of our stories, we have to say, this is one of our favorites. And if you are looking for pure escapism from a busy life, this one definitely fits the bill. So, pull up a chair, grab a blanket and dive headfirst into some high school drama. A little nostalgia always does a woman good.

Themes: Coming of Age, Fairy Tale

3. Torn Between Alphas by Panda B

Have you ever imagined yourself at the center of a love triangle? Frankly, maybe a better question should be, who hasn’t? And if that fantasy includes shifters–especially werewolves, well, what is sexier than that? 

This is exactly the position that Caliana Hart finds herself in. Hard up for cash, Cali decides to sell her virginity to pay for her father’s operation. That lands her in the hands of a pack of werewolves who use Cali in the best way possible. 

If you are a Twilight fan and were titillated by the tension between Bella, Edward, and Jacob, just wait till you read all about the battle between Cali, Xavier, and Greyson. 

Themes: Alpha, Werewolf

4. His Royal Appetite by Edy Turner

Mina Harper has it all: a perfect job, a glamorous life abroad and a burgeoning romance with her coworker. That is, until she is fired from her job, separated from her crush and left alone in a foreign country. 

It all seems to be crashing down around her until she meets the scruffy, blue-eyed Leo at a bar. A one night stand with a sexy stranger wasn’t exactly in Mina’s plans, but for the first time in her life, Mina is along for the ride.  She never meant to see him again but when Mina gets a new job as a chef at a local chalet, she discovers he is more than just Leo-from-the-bar. He’s Leopold Desmet, Duke of Brinovia. And the stubborn royal wants to taste everything on her menu.

If you’re the type to be glued to the Hallmark Channel during Christmas time, this is the novel for you. But instead of merely being heart-warming, this book leaves your pulse racing and nether-regions tingling. 

Themes: Royalty, Rags to Riches

5. Have My Baby by P. Dangelico

Stella Donovan knows one thing for sure—marriage is not for her. Like many modern women she is fully self-actualized. She wants for nothing, asks for nothing and demands nothing from anyone that she cannot supply herself. Except for one thing–a baby. 

She finds the answer to her conundrum in the hands of a former NFL player named Dane Wylder. Dan has played games both on and off the field. He has never been the marrying type and he doesn’t intend to change now. All he wants is a baby. 

At least that is what Dan thinks–at first. But the only question Stella has for him is–can you keep up?

For all the women who are independent, please put this novel on your reading list.

Themes: Opposites Attract, Pregnancy

6. Dating my Best Friend’s Sister by Violet Paige

In the 80s, British singer Sade sang about the thrill of the forbidden in the “Sweetest Taboo.” And there are few relationships more transgressive than the family of close friends. 

Kaitlyn Sinclair discovers this when she finds herself in the arms of her brother’s best friend. But what’s a girl to do? Well, as Kaitlyn discovers, anything she wants. 

Themes: Small Town, Friends to Lovers

7. The Dragon’s Baby by Violet Jessamine

The Dragon's Baby

Ever wonder what’s behind the bad boy’s smolder? Well, in Briala Maddox’s case, her brooder is hiding a pair of dragon wings. 

Realizing that you’ve slept with a dragon is one thing, realizing that you’re pregnant with his baby is another. And if you want to find out what happens to Briala and her baby—well, then this book should definitely be on your reading list. 

Themes: Gothic, Dragons

8. Doctor’s Orders By Astrid Kipp

One night stands are supposed to be just that—a wild night rolling in the hay with a sexy stranger. We never expect to run into the people whose names we can barely remember in broad daylight. And we definitely don’t expect to do so in the ER. 

That is exactly what happens to Daniella Ferro. But she soon learns that she isn’t the only one with secrets at the hospital. And that her one night stand may have a longer shelf life than she imagined. 

If you are a fan of Shonda Rhimes longest running show Grey’s Anatomy, you’ll love this. In fact, it is just what the doctor ordered. So, add it to your reading list.

Themes: Hospital, Office Romance

9. The Senator’s Son by Anna Albo

Sometimes you can spend too long in a one-sided love. This is a lesson Emma learns the hard way. 

Among the wealthy, well-connected and privileged people in their orbit, Emma and her best friend Jake are the outliers. She thought their shared understanding of what it means to drive a beat-up Honda instead of a BMW would bring them closer together. She’s never been one to obsess over the rich.  

But she soon learns that Jake, the boy she has loved for 19 years, sees her as nothing more than a hanger-on. And one that is seriously cramping his style. That’s when Zach Walker comes to her rescue. This “spoiled, rich kid” is not whom she imagined herself with. But once she is with him, she can’t imagine life any other way.

If you’ve ever had your heart broken by someone you love, this story will help you put it back together. Definitely, add this to your reading list.

Themes: Girl Next Door, First Love

10. The Woman Who Fell Through Time by J.M Frey

There is a reason why the lesbian category is the most popular in, um, sexy films.  And if you’ve ever dreamed, or partaken in, (lucky you) this novel should be on your reading list. 

What’s it about? Well, we’ll tell you. After a summer kissing all the beautiful Parisian boys and girls, Jessie is headed home. But then the unimaginable happens—her plane crashes. But instead of finding herself on the other side, she finds herself in Regency Era England. And quickly becomes employed by the most fascinating woman of the age. 

She and her boss become lovers and Jessie is torn between fighting for her new love and searching for a way back into her old life.

Themes: LGBTQIA+, Time Travel


by Candace Fykes